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Another person enters my domain!

Hello, my name is Rens Nijland. And welcome to my glorious domain! Here you'll find tons of exciting stuff that I've made throughout my career. Currently there isn't much to see here because I've only been programming for about 3 years. But I'm still improving and will always find new and exciting ways to create amazing things!

Enjoy your stay!

< Coder />

"Coding is love, coding is life." Coding is the one thing I like to do most. Projects for clients, projects for myself. It doesn't matter. Everything is fun for me!

< Designer />

I'm a very creative human being. I like expressing my style throughout websites & applications. I have an eye for colors so designing is a piece of cake for me!

< Dude />

Next to a developer that spends day & night in his mancave, I'm also a friendly and helpful dude that's very open to criticism. I'm just the typical boy who likes to game and drink beers with his friends.

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...don't worry, I'll read it ;)